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My name is Nils Håkan and this is my company. I am a Sami and a reindeer herder in the reindeer herding district of Laevas in the mountain and forest area around Kiruna. My ancestors have lived in this area for thousands of years, hunting, herding reindeer and fishing.


In the winter time, I enjoy receiving guests from all the world telling them about the land of my ancestors, Sami culture and way of life. I started my business in 2003, complementary to reindeer herding and moose hunting, and has grown since then.  Giron Reindeer guides have excellent knowledge of the mountain and forest area, weather conditions, reindeer herding, handicraft, and much more. We always show consideration and respect to the reindeer and the wildlife in the area.


Don't miss visiting Giron Reindeer if you want an authentic and unforgettable experience of the real Lapland! We are here to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. 


Meet The Team



He is the son of Nils Håkan. He is currently in school, but comes and helps guide on his free days. He is great at throwing lasso and loves to teach anyone who wants to learn. It’s not as simple as he makes it look. He also handcrafts Sami belts.

Valli light snow.jpg


He is an Australian shepherd and  a herding dog. He loves to greet visitors. Ultimately, he is in training to become a helper with herding reindeer. The Sami people have a history of receiving help from well trained reindeer dogs.


Nils Håkan

The founder of Giron Reindeer.

He is a reindeer herder who is passionate about sharing his Sami culture with people from all over. His main occupation is to care for his family and reindeer, but in the winter months he loves to give guests an up close experience with his reindeer, culture, and the beautiful nature in Northern Sweden.



She is an expert at making our guests feel welcome. Many times she will cook up the wonderful food that you will enjoy during your visit with us. She is also good with handiwork and textile making and does that when she is not a guide at giron reindeer. You can see her work with the Gakti, Sami clothing, that she and the other guides wear.



He is a guide who likes to be out in nature and work with reindeer. When he is not helping at Giron Reindeer he enjoys spending time with his family and handcrafting Sami belts. 

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